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Die Nachhaltige Ausgabe von Jenah St. - Teil 3

Slow Fashion: Steps forward and how to take an active role

with Rima Mehta 

What does "Slow Fashion" actually mean? Let's get to the core of it and realise that our individual actions have more impact than we think.   

This article is part 3 in our fast fashion mini series.  


Bei Slow Fashion geht es darum, die Umweltbelastung zu reduzieren, indem man Dinge länger aufbewahrt und hochwertige Materialien verwendet. Wenn Du vintage einkaufst, nachhaltige Materialien wählst und Deine Garderobe gut pflegst, bist Du bereits Teil der Lösung. Und auch die Branche verändert sich. Vom Recycling bis zum Upcycling - die Innovateure der Modebranche versuchen, mehr Kreisläufe in jeden Schritt zu integrieren.


We hear a lot about recycling and the importance of sustainable waste streams, but very few people know why it is that important. Because it reduces our dependence on new raw materials, it is a great way to conserve natural resources such as water, oil, organic fibers, minerals, and more. And, it is a positive for the economy, too. When an item is recycled or upcycled and given a second life, we recapture the economic value of that material. This is a type of circular economy, a system in which we use waste materials as inputs in new items.

How much of our clothing is recycled and repurposed and how does this affect the economy? 

Unfortunately, only 1% of clothing materials are recycled and repurposed, equal to a loss of more than $100 billion of value each year. For example, when a wool coat is sent to a landfill or incinerator, we lose the value of the wool material itself as well as all of the labor efforts put in to make a finished product.

What about countries with high clothing collection rates?

Die meisten Kleidungsstücke werden weggeworfen, aber selbst in Ländern mit hohen Sammelquoten für Wiederverwendung und Recycling (wie Deutschland) werden die meisten Kleidungsabfälle schließlich in Länder mit geringerem Einkommen und wenig Recyclinginfrastruktur geschickt, wo sie auf Mülldeponien gelagert werden und die örtlichen Gemeinden verschmutzen. Das ist sowohl eine wirtschaftliche Verschwendung als auch ein Schadstoff für die Umwelt.


We don’t believe being fashionable has to be synonymous with hyper consumption, and waste. Our mission is to offer you beautiful and timeless high performance pieces that will escort you through life, and when it’s time for something new we will help you discard your beloved handbag in a responsible way. 

Mit unserem Bag Recycle Program, you can return any Jenah St. item you’ve loved for a 30% discount on your next treasure piece! We’ll either freshen up the bag or use the hardware and high-quality vegan leather for making smaller items like cardholders. That’s slow (and sustainable) fashion in action! 

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Mehr Informationen zu Rima Mehta

A native of the evergreen Pacific Northwest, Rima grew up hiking and exploring the wilderness. Her passion for conservation grew after living in different contexts around the globe, seeing firsthand that a single action could have many effects for people on the other side of the world. Rima's work in social impact ranges from waste reduction and clean energy to financial inclusion. She currently resides in Switzerland, where she pursues a graduate degree in Sustainable Development and eats lots of (sustainable) chocolate. 

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